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Never Belittle Any Good Deed

The Compassionate
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It’s wonderful how God counts good deeds! Even a smile is considered a good deed. Doing good in our daily life is the core of Islamic ethics. And as trustees in God’s earth, it’s essential for human beings to make the earth a better place by becoming ourselves better persons. This certainly helps to shape our personality and our purpose in this life.
It’s our good deeds that grow with us and follow us even after we die; it’s our good deeds that will benefit us in this life and in the hereafter; and it’s the thing by which we win the pleasure of our Lord.
Our good deeds can be as simple can be as a smile. Doing good deeds is for everyone, for the rich and the poor, for the young and the elder, for the sick and the healthy, for the capable and incapable. So there is no excuse! No good deed is actually small. Every good deed done with a big heart is never lost. Even by your smile you can bring happiness to someone’s heart without your knowing.
We never know what deed by which God may forgive us our sins; our deeds may seem small and trivial, but they’re of great reward. So never delay any good deed. You see a branch of a tree in the middle of the street, don’t hesitate to remove it. Say a good word to someone, fulfill their needs, ease their pain: maybe this will grant you God’s forgiveness.