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Rajat Malhotra

Always remember that if you stop complaining, you can become a superhero.

I received a true introduction to Islam from the books and lectures of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Founder of the New Delhi-based Centre for Peace and Spirituality, and through my interactions with him. I personally believe that he is a true symbol of spiritual guidance.
I would like to share with you here a master-advice that I gained from Maulana Sahib which can make you tension-free and stress- free.
One day, a young man and his wife came to meet Maulana Sahib and asked him for some advice. The Maulana said to them: “I will only say one thing, and that is, consider complaining to be forbidden to you.”
The man asked Maulana Sahib as to why he considered complaining to be so bad. The Maulana replied, “The ‘complaint culture’ is a Satanic culture, and it was the head of the Jins, Iblis who first invented the ‘complaint culture’. He had complained to God claiming that he was better than man and questioned God’s decision to give man the charge of the earth instead of him.’”
About Satan it is said that he is the biggest enemy of man (The Quran, 12:5)
So, how does Satan go about doing this work of enmity against man? His method is very simple: He looks around to see which person has developed a complaint and then he begins to further fuel that complaint inside them. Satan takes this psyche of complaint to such an extreme that the person becomes overpowered with complaints. Complaining becomes the biggest and most prominent feature of such a person.
Understand this, that if you put a stone in your pocket, it will remain as it is even after a hundred years. But the issue of complaint is entirely different. Complaints always grow. They keep mounting. It is the root of all evils. Once complaining takes root, it turns into hate, which can then assume the form of revenge. It can further intensify and even transform into violence and even war.
Complaining may seem like just a single evil, but it inevitably grows and grows and turns into a thousand evils. As far as one’s character is concerned, complaining is nothing less than a killer.
Always remember that if you stop complaining, you can become a superhero.

(Rajat Malhotra is the global co-ordinator of Centre for Peace and Spirituality International and is involved in initiatives of interfaith, peace and spirituality of the Centre. He has done his masters in Islamic History and Ph. D. on the subject of the life of Prophet Muhammad.)……