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Indian-American Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attack in Florida

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Members of the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) unanimously passed a resolution strongly condemning the horrible terrorist attack on civilians in a social club in Orlando, Florida on June 11 by a terrorist who happened to be Muslim. It resulted in grievous loss of life of about 49 people and severe injuries to about 65 people. Speaking on behalf of the congregation of Indian-American Muslims, Kaleem Kawaja, the Executive Director of the Association, invoked the basic teachings of Quran and Hadith, wherein the scriptures have strongly enjoined Muslims to not commit violence to anyone with whom they may have any differences in the areas of religion, politics or social behavior. The assembly of Indian-American Muslims mourned the needless loss of lives of so many people and appealed to the US government to take strong and effective preemptive steps to root out acts of hate violence, random violence and terrorist actions. The Association pledged to cooperate with the US government agencies in this area.