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Madinah Museum Showcases 2,000 Rare Artefacts

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A view of the exhibits at the Dar Al-Madinah Museum. (SPA)

Dar Al-Madinah Museum offers visitors the opportunity to view historical pieces associated with the Prophet’s life. It features artefacts that capture the history, heritage, social life and culture of Madinah.The museum’s executive director, Hassan Taher, said that it aims to promote the noble values of Prophet Muhammad, encourage a sense of belonging and capture the history, culture and heritage of Madinah. The exhibits start with the Prophet’s life.Taher said: “The museum carries out specialized research in Madinah’s architectural heritage. It contains a library of relevant books, research and magazines, all of which are accessible to researchers.”He said that the museum has issued more than 44 books and publications on Madinah’s architecture.
Taher added: “There are around 2,000 artefacts in the museum’s exhibition halls. These include antiquities, handicrafts, manuscripts, documents, correspondence, old publications, postage stamps, photographs and artworks.”