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A mosque in Kelantan, Malaysia, promised free bikes for children who attend prayer all through the holy month of Ramadan, New Straits Times reported. “Those who show a full attendance for the Subuh, Maghrib and Isyak prayers will be given a bicycle,” said senior Imam Ustaz Baharin Yusoff of Mahmudi Mosque, located in front of Pantai Irama, Kelantan. “Initially, they might come to the mosque for the sake of the free bike offer, but over time, their interest to perform prayers will grow,” he added. Yusoff said the initiative started last year to encourage young kids to attend at least three of the daily five prayers. Last year, more than 100 children attended the program, but only 15 managed a full attendance for the three prayers. “Everyone can win a free bike if they fulfil the condition. This year, we are also rewarding the most active senior citizen who attends the most Tarawih prayers,” he said, adding that the winners would be known on the 28th of Ramadan when the prizes are given away.