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Many Saudi youth interested in volunteer work

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The majority of Saudi youth would be more than willing to get involved in volunteer work, according to a survey.
The study found that 84 percent of the 1,126 young people questioned were “highly interested” in donating their time to take part in community programmes.Almost half of those quizzed from throughout the country (of which 64 percent were men and 36 percent women) said that finding a volunteer opportunity in the Saudi community was “easy,” while 27 percent found it “difficult” and 11 percent claimed no openings were available.However, 14 percent noted that young Saudis did not receive enough information about volunteer opportunities.The results of the survey, conducted by the National Center for Public Opinion Polls at the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue, in Riyadh, also showed that 70 percent of respondents had read or heard about the importance and advantages of volunteering, as opposed to 30 percent who were unaware.Of those questioned, 45 percent had already participated in volunteer work, and the expectations of 68 percent of them were met.
(Extracted from arabnews.com)