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Guwahati: Journalism is a service to society and the nation and only those with passion and right attributes should join it, says Sashi Nair, director of the Press Institute of India and Editor of its journals, Vidura and Grassroots. “Anyone wanting to make money should not be in the profession. Only those who have the flair, the passion and the right attributes should enter, for only such people can take on the challenges and survive in the long run,” Nair asserted on November 16, 2018, while addressing the ‘Meet the Press’ program of Guwahati Press Club. While stressing the watchdog role of Press Council of India to ensure ethics and quality in news presentation, Nair agreed that the council’s ambit could be expanded to include electronic and online or social media as well because print and digital were two parts of one whole entity. “India still remains a country of newspapers. Most Indians continue to trust newspapers as conveyors of factual information,” Nair said, pointing out that the circulation of newspapers in India was healthy compared to downward trends in other parts of the world and that this was a good sign. He agreed that it was in rural India where the newspaper reading habit flourished and where people were often seen gathered around one newspaper and sharing information.
(Extracted from mattersindia.com)