Fireflies Dialogues 2017

Blue Plaque for Noor Inayat’s House
Ultra fast Quantum Thermometer eveloped at JMI
Conference – Reflections on Religion, Religions and Beyond

Fireflies is a well-known retreat centre located in Bangalore. Set up several years ago by ecologist and writer Siddhartha, it is a beautiful green place, a wonderful venue for spiritual and other such meetings. Fireflies organized its annual dialogue this year, from 2nd to 5th February, bringing together people from different parts of India and abroad, and from different backgrounds to share and reflect on various aspects of life, including spirituality, ecology, and gender. It provided a wonderful opportunity for thinkers, artists, activists, students, journalists, and others to create change towards sustainability through knowledge-sharing, interaction, and participatory processes. This year’s dialogue theme, “Cultural and Spiritual Values for Sustainable Futures”, focused on the cultural and spiritual values from various traditions that can help build interactive, nonviolent futures for societies in India and beyond. 
(For more details about Firfelies, see www.pipaltree.org.in)