Patna Peace Mission Promotes Communal Harmony through Street Plays

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Patna: Student cultural activists of Patna Peace Mission staged the fifth round of street plays in four shows on Sept 24, at St. Karen’s School, Gola Road, Patna, to promote communal harmony. Some 3200 students participated in the show. The plays highlighted the multi-religious heritage of India. ‘Violence in the name of religion has erupted more frequently in the last three years due to religious nationalism under some Hindu fundamentalist forces’, said Hasan Imam, cultural activist and playwright. The nukkad natak (street play), Ek saadhe, sab sadhe (If one is controlled, all can be controlled) was written and directed by Imam, director of Prerana Janwadi Sanskritik Morcha (People’s Cultural Front). It was staged by seven members of Prerana, all college students. The play highlighted that the freedom of India was won with the united efforts of men and women who belonged to different religions, cultures and languages. Today that hard won freedom is being destroyed by some politicians and fundamentalists who polarize people based on their religious identity, to promote only the majority religion, said Imam.
Introducing the theme, sarva dharma sama bhav (Equal respect to all religions), the ideal given by Mahatma Gandhi, Jesuit Father Jose Kalapura, organizer of the program and coordinator of Patna Peace Mission, quoted media reports that 822 communal riots occurred in India in 2017, an increase from the earlier years.