Ultra fast Quantum Thermometer eveloped at JMI

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New Delhi: Researchers at Centre for Nano science and Nano technology, JMI have developed an ultra-sensitive quantum thermometer from Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) array. The thermometer has quick response time and can measure very minute changes in temperature. The thermometer, developed by a team of researchers led by the Director of the Centre Prof. S.S. Islam, has very high sensitivity and can register a change in temperature from 27 degree C to -196 degree C in 300 milliseconds. The team also comprises Poonam Sehrawat and Abid.
It shows extremely quick response time of just about 300 milliseconds to register a change in temperature and it can return to its initial temperature value in as little as about 800 milliseconds. Results of the study have been published in the world famous journal Nanoscale Advances. The device can find widespread applications in cryogenic temperature sensing. It performs remarkably well even in high temperature window as well. The team is also working to explore other applications possibilities of this device in the field of thermo electricity and optical sensing.