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Prim and proper, neat and tidy were the unique hallmarks at the mass nikah programme organised recently in Bangalore by Tazaiyun Oomer of Humane Touch.

Humane Touch, an organisation led by Tazaiyun Oomer, organised a mass nikah programme””of twelve couples””on January 20, 2019 at Masjid-e-Nur on Dickenson Road, Bangalore. All the grooms and brides hailed from very economically weak backgrounds from areas in Bangalore and the outskirts. Maulana Maqsood Imran of the Jamia Masjid, city, conducted the nikah ceremony, and committee members of Bangalore’s Muslim orphanage attended the function.
Humane Touch Trust started the concept of mass weddings for Muslims in 2003 and set the trend. “Getting a daughter married is the dream of every parent, and should be a happy occasion. Unfortunately, the demands of dowry and the ill-treatment of girls has made it a nightmare. The bride’s family have to spend on the function hall /marriage feast/ gifts for the groom, and are often left with the burden of debt. Humane Touch Trust conducts the nikah in a mosque and provides the basic items for the couples to start a new life,” says Tazaiyun Oomer. “The cost per wedding is Rs 50,000″”75,000, depending on the articles given.”
The matchmaking effort is not handled by Humane Touch. Announcements are made in different mosques in the city about the mass nikah programme. The families of the boys and girls consult each other and finalise the match. Humane Touch Trust has so far helped 1712 couples get married in mass weddings. The next wedding is scheduled for 17th February, 2019.
Good-hearted people sponsor the wedding, including gifts given to the couple, through Humane Touch. Articles given to the couple in the mass wedding are a copy of the Quran, a prayer mat, 5 sets of clothes, a red sari and gold ear-rings for the bride,2 sets of clothes for the groom, wrist watches for the bride and groom, a metal cot, bedding, blanket, bedcover, towel, metal cupboard, mixie, pressure cooker, utensils, plates etc. The marriage feast for 100 guests comprises biryani, raita and sweet.
(For more details about the mass nikah programme, please email Tazaiyun Oomer at [email protected]
Website www.humanetouchindia.org)