Amazon’s 2016 Christmas Advert Wins Hearts!

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The advert featuring a Muslim Imam and a Christian Vicar has been termed as “inspiring,” with millions of people seeing the positive side of Islam.
The people at Amazon may have snatched the title of best Christmas advert with their latest ad – featuring a Muslim cleric and a Christian vicar as good friends. It debuted on TV recently and viewers have praised the wonderful message of tolerance and inter-faith friendship at this time of the year. The advert shows the two men enjoying a cup of tea and a chat together at the vicar’s house. But when they both get up – they moan about their aching knees. This leads to both men ordering the same present for the other – knee pads. The advert later shows the vicar and Imam wearing their presents while bending down to pray at their respective places of worship.
Instead of hiring actors, Amazon worked with The Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Christian Muslim Forum and used a real priest and Imam – London vicar Rev Gary Bradley and Zubeir Hassam, head of a Muslim school in Leicestershire.
Imam Zubier Mohammad said: “I have seen that through this little ad, millions of people are seeing the positive side of Islam. At the moment with things going on around the world we are portrayed in the wrong way. I wanted to show that communities do work together. We have no issues. We can work in harmony.” The advert has been shared on social media accounts all over the world.
(To see the must-see wonderful advert, click on birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/amazons-christmas-advert-featuring-muslim-12219269#sthash.x1DWRRH8.dpuf)