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By Malika Mistry

Pune: Several speakers at the State Convention of People of India and Pakistan Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD) organized at the S. M. Joshi Foundation here urged for peace and close people to people relations between India and Pakistan. Jatin Desai, a well-known journalist from Mumbai observed that Pakistan is burning internally. Very soon the fire will come into India. Pakistani journalists especially from the English newspapers were paying a very heavy price for fighting against the anti-democracy forces. “We as neighoburs, to save ourselves, must work towards extinguishing the fire in Pakistan”, he averred. Pushpa Bhave, a famous and fearless activist from Maharashtra, averred that people of both countries loved each other. When she visited Pakistan, she was overwhelmed by the affection and care shown to her by the Pakistanis. Prof. Rajadyaksha from the Department of Culture Studies, University of Pune, said that it is high time that all of us i.e. Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis must remember that till partition we were all together and we have common history. From this angle, we need to undertake projects for peace. Textbooks in all the three countries must emphasize this fact so that seeds of love and peace could be sown among the new generation. Mrs. Pratibha Ranade, who lived in Afghanistan, expressed the same feelings about Afghan people. Anwar Shaikh welcomed the delegates and Dr. (Miss) Suhas thanked the speakers and the participants of the convention.