Prophet’s Biography in Marwari Language

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Jhunjhunoo: For the first time, a biography of Prophet Muhammad has been written in the Marwari language which is widely used in the Marwar region of Rajasthan. Rajeev Sharma of the Kolsa village of Jhunjhunoo devoted ten years of his life to compile the biography. Titled “Paigambar ro Paigam”. Rajeev published the biography on the eve of Eidul Fitr in July this year. Rajeev has even translated Hanuman Chalissa and Shyam Challissa in Urdu language.
In an interview with Rajasthan Patrika TV, Rajeev said that the Prophet Muhammad pardoned his blood-thirsty enemies and talked about ‘insaniyat’ (humanity) all through his life and that his teachings remain relevant to all times. When asked about Bangladeshi terrorists who had asked hostages to recite Quranic verses, he said they were “fasadis” (rioters). The Quran says that killing even one innocent human is like killing the entire human race.
(Source: videoclip from Rajasthan Patrika TV)