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Retired inspector of Gujarat Police Vasantlalji Bhai Solanki has alleged that the Gujarat Government is trying its utmost to keep him away from the Court in the case pertaining to Sohrabuddin Shaikh’s murder in a fake encounter. The hearing is continuing in a Special CBI court in Mumbai. It was Inspector Solanki who had reported that the Sohrabuddin Shaikh was killed in a fake encounter and had implicated senior police officers for the murder. The Court had acquitted Amit Shah, now chief of the BJP, of the charge of murder in December 2014 without any investigation.
Several witnesses have turned hostile during hearing which has been continuing in the Mumbai court since November last year. Solanki told the news portal wire.in that the Government had been trying to keep him away from the court. He had been provided security following a directive from the Supreme Court. This was withdrawn without citing any reason on July 18 this year. He said he cannot go to Mumbai to attend the hearing without the security.
He said the security was provided only on legitimate grounds. If a judge hearing an important case can die suddenly, I am only a retired inspector. He said, he can be killed and the Government can go to any length in getting a clean chit to the real culprits in the Sohrabuddin Shaikh case.
Solanki was referring to CBI judge Brijgopal Harkishen Loya, whose sudden death in a guest house in Nagpur raised several questions from his family. Justice Loya was hearing the Sohrabuddin Shaikh case when he died. Security provided to Justice Loya was withdrawn a few days before he died.
Solanki alleged that the Government did not intimate him about the withdrawal of the security. He later addressed eight letters to the Police Departments and the Supreme Court but did not receive any replies. “Two months after the letters were dispatched, I received the notice for hearing before the CBI Special Judge S. J. Sharma on September 21. This makes it evident as to why the security has been withdrawn”, he added.
Solanki said evidences gathered by him during the investigation into the case were capable enough to prove the involvement of senior police officer D. G. Vanzara. He also alleged that Amit Shah had called IPS officer Geeta Johari in November 2006 and asked her to be soft towards Vanzara and Rajkumar Pandiyan.
Solanki says Johari had directed me to be soft towards these officers and had asked me to make several alterations in my investigation report. He said some leaders had hatched a conspiracy to finish off three innocent persons (Sohrabuddin Shaikh, his wife Kausar Bi and Tulsiram Prajapati) and there was no question of his being bought.
(This report has been translated from thewire.in (Urdu)