Who Nurtured “Islamic” Terrorism?

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A piece of advice from Ranjit Lal Madhavan!
The global drug trade is worth $321 billion a year
Alcohol sales in the world are 1600 billion dollars per year
The global arms trade is worth about $100 billion a year
The prostitution business is worth around $400 billion a year in this world
The gambling business is around 110 billion dollars a year in this world
The gold business is 100 billion dollars a year in this world
The computer game business is worth $54 billion a year worldwide
Islam stands against 2380 billion-dollar (One Crore 66 Lakh Sixty Thousand Crore Rupees) businesses every year!
Add to this that Arun Jaitley presented a budget of just $336 billion in 2017. Each of the above industries is run by private corporate bosses.
If the world accepts the Islamic policy of not selling alcohol, liquor, and drugs, the loss will be $2000 billion in the drug mafia’s business!
Islamic law will end the 100-billion-dollar arms mafia business if they attack other countries for petrol without causing chaos on earth, killing innocent people and shedding blood!
If the Islamic policy of not engaging in prostitution comes into force, the prostitution mafia’s 400 billion-dollar business will end! Websites born of porn videos will be affected
If the world adopts the Islamic principle of no gambling, the 110-billion-dollar business of the gambling mafia will end!
If the world accepts the Islamic principle that a woman’s nudity is her privacy and not an exhibition, the $100 billion business of the porn mafia will end!
It is Islam that has waged war on this 2300-billion-dollar trade.
Will they welcome Islam without opposing it?
These mafias have bought the world media to make them Islamic terrorists and the media mafia has grown and flourished by eating the bones thrown by these mafias.
They marched across the country chanting that Islam is terrorism. They nurtured terrorism with this money. The terrorism created by these mafias is called Islamic terrorism! Everyone said with one voice that Islam is extremism. For that, they themselves bought some Muslims with these billions of dollars.
Islam, which said that killing one is equal to killing all people, became a religion of extremism!
If your eyes and hearts are not blinded by bigotry, open your eyes, and open your heart and hear… how skillfully they have led you away from the words of your Lord.
How skillfully they have impressed upon your hearts that Islam is terrorism!
Indeed, man is ungrateful to his Lord – the Holy Qur’an!
Ranjit Lal Madhavan
(Original article written in Malayalam)