Captain Fathima Wasim Makes History  in the Indian Army

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Captain Fathima Wasim Makes History in the Indian Army

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Captain Fathima Wasim has inscribed her name in history as the first female medical officer in the Indian Army deployed to an operational post at the Siachen Glacier, situated at an altitude of 15,200 feet in the Northern Himalayas. This posting presents formidable challenges owing to its strategic significance, severe climate (icy winds reaching speeds of 300kph), and treacherous terrain.

The nation lauds Captain Fathima Wasim for her groundbreaking achievement. The Fire & Fury Corps of the Indian Army celebrated her accomplishments, highlighting her indomitable spirit and immense inspiration.

Her deployment at this formidable altitude symbolizes unwavering determination and stands as a beacon of inspiration for girls across India. This historic milestone is not only a personal triumph but also a significant stride in breaking gender barriers within the Armed Forces.

Who is Captain Fathima Wasim?
Hailing from Chennai, Captain Fathima initiated her education at Sri Durga Matriculation School, a humble institution in her neighborhood. She continued her academic journey at Hakeem Nursery & Primary School and later at Fathima Basheer Higher Secondary School for Girls, securing an impressive 461/500 in the Matriculation exams. Her educational pursuit led her to SRV Hitech Girls H.S. School, where she earned a remarkable 1165/1200, securing the School 1st in French Language. Notably, she received an award from Honorable Mr. Justice Nagamuthu, then a Sitting Judge of the Honorable Madras High Court and later elevated to the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

She earned a seat in Govt. Thiruvarur Medical College, Tamil Nadu, excelling with top scores in several subjects and receiving recognition for extended Internship for Corona duties.

In 2021, she was appointed to the Indian Army and has since been stationed in various locations, currently serving her duties at the Siachen Glacier.

What is Siachen Glacier?
The Siachen Glacier stands as the world’s highest and most challenging battlefield, being the second highest glacier globally with an annual snowfall of 1000 cm (35 feet) and temperatures dropping to -86oF at times. Before her deployment, Captain Fathima underwent rigorous training at the “Siachen Battle School.” The harsh climate, along with the threats posed by China and Pakistan, presents life-threatening conditions for our brave personnel of the Indian Armed Forces stationed there, safeguarding our Motherland.

Islamic Voice takes pride in applauding the historic accomplishment ofCAPT. FATHIMA WASIMwishes her to achieve and gain many more laurels in her career and be an inspiration to girls in India and prays for her safety and well-being.