Forbes’ Next 1000 List:  Pakistani Woman Makes it to Forbes

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Forbes’ Next 1000 List: Pakistani Woman Makes it to Forbes

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Mariam Nusrat (a Pakistani woman) has made it to “The Forbes Next 1000 List”, which recognizes start-ups and small businesses that generate less than $10 Million in revenue. The list has unlimited potential and inspires.
According to the magazine, the journey of an entrepreneur is not linear. There are many twists and turns. Although defeat is part of the process, what makes entrepreneurs stand out on the Forbes Next 1000 List was their ability to overcome adversity.
Mariam, the GRID founder, holds a master’s degree from LUMS (US) and George Washington University (US). She currently resides in Virginia, USA.
Mariam has led a team of Pakistan game developers and designers for six years. They create mobile games at a low cost that encourage positive behavior change. Eight portfolio games were created in four languages, covering topics such as reproductive health, climate change, and animal welfare.
Mariam was awarded several awards for her work, including the Clinton Global Initiative University Alum Award (presented by President Bill Clinton), the DC Inno 50 On Fire Award, Andrew Rice Award, and the GWU Best Social Venture Prize.
GRID received media attention from the beginning. There have been interviews on ABC News, WUSA9, and Today.
Mariam also presented GRID in several high-level forums, including two sessions moderated at the CGIU Meetings by former US President Clinton and two Tedx events.
The team is confident that they will be industry disruptors in the purposeful gaming industry with their prelaunch traction. They project scaling to 2,000,000 users and 200,000 paying clients by 2024.
Mariam is an Education Specialist at The World Bank.