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Rani Chennamma Award for Sajida Begum

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By A Staff Writer

Bengaluru: The Aasra Home for Women was one among the 18 (persons and organisations) chosen for the Kittur Chennamma Award for the year 2016 by the Karnataka Government. Aasra Secretary Sajida Begum received the award from the Chief Minister Siddramaiah on March 8, the International Women’s Day function held at Kanteerva Indoor Stadium in the city.
Aasra established under the aegis of Tanzeemul Mohsinath runs a counselling centre for resolution of disputes between married couples, takes care of women forced to leave their marital homes, or harassed or tortured by in-laws or alcoholic husbands. It also runs campaigns for simplicity in marriages, awareness regarding rights of women in the Constitution and the religious scriptures. Tanzeemul Mohsinath was set up by journalist and reformist Janab Shamsul Huda 20 years ago. He ran Al-Quds Cooperative Society which issued small loans to women entrepreneurs. Sajida Begum and other women colleagues had been instrumental in running the clutch of organisations under its umbrella.