Sarwat Bano Instrumental in Achieving Educational  Excellence and Innovative Strides

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Sarwat Bano Instrumental in Achieving Educational Excellence and Innovative Strides

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JAIPUR: Sarwat Bano, the Muslim woman Principal of Mahatma Gandhi Government English Medium School in Jaipur, has been instrumental in achieving educational excellence and innovative strides, securing her school’s inclusion in Rajasthan government’s pioneering digitalization project for 11 institutions.

Under her leadership, the school, initiated in 2019 and transformed from a girls’ Hindi medium establishment, ventured into English medium education, culminating in the recent X class examination with an impressive 96.25% pass percentage. Bano, 53, has played multiple roles, not only excelling as Principal but also guiding her colleagues as a Master Facilitator at the Rajasthan Leadership Academy.

The school’s strides toward digitalization, funded by a corporate social responsibility initiative, entail a robust infrastructure for e-education, smart classes, a robotics lab, and an ICT lab. Moreover, the Rajasthan government’s Education Department facilitated a cadre of English medium teachers and guest faculty appointments to overcome staffing shortages.

Bano’s impactful initiatives extended beyond digitalization. She orchestrated the English Access micro-scholarship program in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, aimed at bolstering language proficiency among underprivileged students aged 13 to 16 years. The program’s success was evident in the students’ linguistic skills enhancement and their felicitation at a graduation ceremony.

The program focused on interactive English learning, fostering participatory education and personality development. Bano emphasized its significance in bridging language barriers for students from impoverished backgrounds, enabling their holistic development.

The school received accolades from the American Embassy’s Regional English Language Officer and specialist, who visited the premises, interacting with students and offering insights into U.S. educational exchange programs.

Bano’s dedication and visionary leadership earned her a certificate of excellence from the State government, recognized for her relentless efforts in shaping children’s futures. Muslim organizations in Jaipur, notably the Association of Muslim Professionals, lauded her innovative educational approach.

Inspired by the historical legacy of Fatima Al-Fihri, founder of the University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco, Bano remains committed to leveraging modern technology to propel educational initiatives, fostering aspirations akin to one student, Pragya Patel, who aspired to become a principal following a one-day role-playing activity on International Women’s Day.

Bano’s relentless commitment and innovative endeavors epitomize the transformative power of education, instilling hope and shaping brighter futures for underprivileged students. Her dedication to empowering young minds reflects a spirit of resilience and progress, setting a sterling example for educational leaders worldwide.