Emotive Gaza Photograph Wins World Press Photo of the Year

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Emotive Gaza Photograph Wins World Press Photo of the Year

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Palestinian photographer Mohammed Salem’s poignant image has been awarded the esteemed World Press Photo of the Year, capturing the profound grief and devastation experienced in Gaza.

The photograph portrays a Palestinian woman, Inas Abu Maamar, tenderly cradling the lifeless body of her young niece, Saly, who tragically perished in an Israeli attack. Taken in Gaza’s Khan Younis shortly after Salem’s own child was born, the image encapsulates the raw emotions of loss and sorrow permeating the region.

In describing the photo, Salem reflects on its significance as a poignant representation of the broader turmoil unfolding in Gaza. The heart-wrenching moment serves as a poignant reminder of the human cost of conflict and the enduring resilience of its victims.

Fiona Shields, global jury chair and head of photography at The Guardian, commends the image for its profound impact, acknowledging its ability to encapsulate the collective grief and suffering experienced by the people of Gaza.