A Spectacular Showcase of Excellence – St. Haris High School’s  Silver Jubilee Annual Day Celebrations Unfold


A Spectacular Showcase of Excellence – St. Haris High School’s Silver Jubilee Annual Day Celebrations Unfold

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The much-anticipated Annual Day at St. Haris High School, Meera Road, Mumbai commemorating its Silver Jubilee unfolded on the 19th and 20th of January 2024, radiating the school’s vibrant spirit and steadfast commitment to holistic education.

Girls Annual Day Illuminates January 19, 2024, while Boys Annual Day Dazzles on January 20, 2024
The festivities commenced with a dazzling array of performances, featuring captivating action plays, delightful comedy, and meaningful dramas that not only entertained but also enlightened the audience. The linguistic diversity of the school took center stage with skits presented in Hindi, Marathi, English, and Urdu, showcasing the remarkable linguistic prowess of the students.

Felicitation of Visionary Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Khalid Khan
The celebrations reached their zenith with a heartfelt felicitation extended to the visionary founder and managing director, Mr. Khalid Khan, during the Silver Jubilee Annual Day celebration. Mr. Khan, not only the Managing Director but also the inspirational force driving the school’s success, was lauded for his tireless efforts in nurturing the growth and development of the students. Alongside him, Mrs. Arifa Mohsina, his wife and guiding light in matters of Islam and Islamic values, was also honored by the Girls on January 19 for her devotion and service to the school and its students.

In a impactful speech, Mr. Khalid Khan expressed gratitude to the entire St. Haris High School community for their unwavering support over the past 25 years. Reflecting on the school’s journey, he underscored the significance of quality education, values, and collective effort in shaping the institution.

A Visual Journey: Showcasing Progress and Milestones
An engaging video presentation offered a visual chronicle of the school’s progress, highlighting milestones, student body growth, and impactful initiatives. This visual testament underscored the school’s continuous evolution and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Innocence and Charm: Little Ones Steal Hearts
Adding a touch of innocence and charm to the celebration, the little children stole hearts with their presentations of various prayers, showcasing their talents and the nurturing environment at St. Haris High School.

A Holistic Celebration of Achievement and Commitment
The Silver Jubilee Annual Day at St. Haris High School not only celebrated academic achievements but also underscored the school’s commitment to nurturing creativity, cultural diversity, and character development. The seamless blend of entertainment and education showcased the holistic approach to learning at St. Haris, leaving an indelible impression on all attendees. The event served as a testament to the school’s rich legacy and its ongoing dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals.