Change is the law of life


Change is the law of life

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When I was young, I wanted to change the world but it was very difficult so I decided to change my country that also seemed impossible so I decided to change my city but that was also a difficult task. Yes, then I decided to change my family, but that was not easy either. By that time I was old and not fit to do anything, now I have come to the conclusion that what I can do is It’s Just That can change myself and I have changed myself. If only I could have done this when I was young, I would be able to change my family, my city, and maybe even my country today. This is a monk’s own story that he told his disciples eleven hundred years ago.

It is true that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) first changed himself, changed his thoughts, changed his belief, changed his role, changed his desire, changed his attitude, changed his feelings, and changed his action. The world changed by itself. Many countries make five-year plans, spending billions of dollars on the development of their country. In order to eliminate crime and corruption, technology worth billions of rupees, manpower of millions of people, and thousands of buildings and offices are opened, yet the result is disappointing, years pass and crime does not decrease. Neither is corruption. Leaders then commit and the cycle goes on, but no change is seen on the ground.

In a short period of only 32 years, an uneducated man rose from the land of Makkah and transformed the Bedouins of Arabia in such a way that they conquered not more than half the world. Rather, the environment changed in such a way that during the time of Hazrat Umar, a woman would go from Syria to Makkah alone, but no one would look at her.

All that happened because the person who invited changed himself before he changed the world.

Change is a very difficult thing and changing one’s thoughts, habits and actions is the most difficult. No one likes to change, but it is also true that development, success, and performance are not possible without change, the condition is that the change is positive. The secret of Arab Bedouin rule over the world was in change. He changed his thoughts, habits, and actions. He liked to see a change in himself before seeing a change in others. This is the secret of the success of any individual, organization, and government official.

US President John F. Kennedy has passed away. This is the man of the world who challenged the moon. The moon, which was worshiped by some nations, made a mission to send humans to the same moon and successfully completed it. His decision-making ability, extraordinary powers of perception, and far-reaching plans were so dangerous that it is said that John F. Kennedy was shot dead for this reason. The same powerful President of the United States said this famous sentence on June 25, 1936, in the Assembly of Paulskerke Frankfort:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

Try to bring change in your thoughts, ideas, and thinking as well as in action, your world will also change. Change is difficult but inevitable, this universe is constantly changing. This earth, the stars, and the planets in the heavens are constantly changing, so it is very important for humans to create positive changes within themselves.