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Being genius is not a personality trait, it’s a lifestyle.

Right off the bat, let me start with the fact that I am not a genius but my journey from being an average student for most of my life to maturing into a capable engineering student made me understand some important factors which improved my overall results.

Taking these factors into account, I made improvements in my academics and general aptitude toward other disciplines and workings of life. And I hopefully believe that following these steps will provide you, with better results in your academics and bump up your confidence while learning any new subject or in your personal life.

The things I am going to put forth are something, you maybe you already know about from other sources. But, it might be that re-learning it after reading my personal experiences might induce some sparks in your motivation chamber.

With that being said, let’s get into the meat.

1. Passion
For starters, I think we have been stuffed with a misunderstood definition of what passion really means.

Passion for a particular job is not something, that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach or make you enjoy the warmth of the sun every single morning of your life.

NO, rather, Passion is a feeling which instills a willingness inside a person to sacrifice their comfort and ease for a greater good they perceive as worth the discomfort they would be putting themselves into.

It’s about sacrificing pleasure and enduring setbacks and not some “happy-go-lucky” feeling that you will experience every day when you find your passion.

After the definition of passion is out of the way, I want you to know that being passionate about something is about, being resilient to your temptations while focusing on your crucial goals in life.

Passion differentiates the best individuals from mediocre people. The personalities in the top 10% of any discipline out there are doing well in their respective fields just because these people have put more time and effort and are still willing to do it than their colleagues did.

Passion is what’s going to make you stretch further than your peers in the long run of life. All in all, it’s a mindset that will surely help you conquer your desired goals.

But just having this notion of “passion” won’t help you much in scoring better or having more confidence in your personality.

Along with Passion, Consistency and Mastering the Fundamentals, are also key steps in the journey to success.

2. Consistency
Everything boils down to consistency, the wider the period of your hard work and discipline, the compounded your results become.

As the author of Atomic Habit, James Clear wrote,

“Meanwhile, improving by 1 percent isn’t particularly notable sometimes it isn’t even noticeable but it can be far more meaningful, especially in the long run.”

This translates that even if you persist in improving any habit by 1% each day, you will eventually make progress of 365% over a whole year and that, is a vital practice to adopt.

Always plan around the idea of being consistent. Whether it be, going to the gym or practicing Math problems, build your plans with the priority of being consistent in the long run.

You wanna read more books, make a plan to read books when you are damn sure, you won’t be able to miss it, a set time when your parents will not call you, your siblings or your children won’t be around and you can purely focus, half an hour for reading, every single day for an extensive period of time.

Improve your game by, planning, creating, and sticking to a habit consistently for compounded results.

I also suggest you read, Atomic Habits by James Clear, to get a better understanding of habit formation and how to improve upon them.

3. Mastering the Fundamentals
“ With great consistency comes great responsibility ”, Nah, I am just kidding, lol.

But surely being consistent isn’t the only required way to get better. Many individuals during my life experience, were consistent enough but never really were able to crack the code.

The method of understanding a given discipline along with mastering the fundamentals and acting in the most optimized way according to the subject is as crucial as consistency.

Making similar mistakes isn’t gonna put you in a better position even if you were consistent in your tasks. It’s foremost important to understand and implement the most effective path to progress.

Solving similar questions in Mathematics, again and again, won’t make you a genius, making the same grammatical mistakes consistently while writing won’t make you a better writer.

With consistency, your major focus should also be on learning the best course of improvement and grasping deeper knowledge of the fundamentals. That’s the key difference between a high-scoring individual and an average person. It’s the A1 understanding of the fundamental concepts that make a student score better than their peers.

So, how do you even learn it? how do you master the basics? you may ask. Well, it’s simple. Learn it from the best, the “Masters” or the “toppers” as we call them.

In this day and age of digital information, getting to know a qualified and experienced teacher is just a few clicks away. As in my case, I was inspired a lot by a YouTuber, Derek Muller from his YouTube channel Veritasium.

Initially, as an engineering student, I was intimated by all the complex formulas and loads of information that were presented to me and I had a nightmarish time understanding and going through the concepts & solving questions.

But, after watching Derek’s YouTube channel I was splendid by how plain and straightforward, Physics was. His great explanation and real-world demonstration made me enjoy Physics again so much so that I got a pretty good score in the subject, where I was struggling to even solve a single question in the beginning.

So, if you are concerned with writing better articles, reach out to a good writer, and read more well-written books, Or if you wanna get better at Mathematics, read books on fundamental concepts rather than solving complex equations with no proper understanding, watch YouTube videos of people explaining the in-depth of the basic concepts, etc.

Your grasp of the fundamentals would significantly improve your scores and reduce anxiety while learning advanced topics. Mastering the basics properly would surely give you a boost when the topics eventually become more complex.

Combining all three elements, Passion, Consistency, and Mastering Fundamentals would surely increase your confidence and academic scores significantly.

Hope my learnings and experiences might help you get ahead in your careers and make you a better, more effective person in life.