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Computer app ‘Islam 360’ developed by startup Zahid Hussain Chhipa is a new app which enables the browsers to access the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s traditions from several authentic Hadith collections at the click of the button. Interestingly, Zahid was a pushcart banana seller who is now an IT consultant in Karachi with Microsoft. Zahid did his MBA from Karachi University and decided to do something that would benefit a large chunk of humanity.
The app which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore enables the browsers to download and access the Quran, its intonation (tilawat), various translations (tarajim) and commentaries (tafaseer), and dictionary of the Quranic and Hadith terms. It has stored 78,000 narrations of the Holy Prophet from authentic collections of Hadith from leading compilers of Hadith. Zahid says he rose from a very humble origin and used to sell bananas on the streets of Karachi. He acquired an MA and MBA degree with great struggle.
In an interview with a TV channel, Zahid said one can download any chapter of the Quran, listen to its audio rendition, and find out all the references of particular terms in the Quranic verses or hadith. The term or word can be typed in English, Urdu, Hindi or Urdu in Roman script. For instance, if one is looking for ‘lying’ or ‘jhoot’, or ‘backbiting’ or ‘gheebat’, it needs to be typed on the search bar and all references would appear on the screen within a jiffy. It can be used even by those who are disabled and cannot use their hands. They can give it an oral command. For instance, if one says, “Rabbana La tuzigh quloobana”, the relevant verse will appear on the screen. If one misspells some verse, it will point out in red colour that the word or verse is being read wrongly. A user can even find out the root words of all terms in the dictionary stored in the app. For example, if one says, “La yatakhabattu”, it will take him to the root words to provide the meaning in English, Urdu, Hindi or Romanized Urdu.
Zahid says he is currently into making a search engine for Quran in 104 languages spoken around the world.
The app can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Playstore.