Ensure our kids get an Education; it’s the Obligation of every Muslim:  Maulana Mujadadi, Ameer Jamia Al Hudayah Jaipur


Ensure our kids get an Education; it’s the Obligation of every Muslim: Maulana Mujadadi, Ameer Jamia Al Hudayah Jaipur

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Jaipur: “It is our duty to ensure that our kids receive an education, so we must give it our whole attention. People that place a high priority on education find improvement in all aspects of life. Education is a key measure of any community’s growth”.

This was exhorted by Maulana Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahim Mujadadi, Ameer Jamia Al Hudayah Jaipur, and Chairperson of the Imam Rabbani Group of Schools who was addressing the annual educational program of Crescent Public School held on November 26 in the pink city.

Maulana Mujadadi said, “the first ayah of the Quran that was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Allah: “IQRA” (Read), and the Qur’an and Hadith emphasized the value and virtue of knowledge. Man was created by Allah Ta’ala as His Khalifa based on knowledge”.

He bemoaned the fact that higher development in education is now very challenging to attain, that it has turned into a business as a result of being placed in private hands and that only those with sufficient financial means may enroll their children in professional and higher education programmes.

In the backdrop of this, the Imam Rabbani Group of Schools was established to offer the best education and training in the Islamic environment to the children of the Ummah who cannot pay the fees, he said and added that we support such students from Maulana Abdul Rahim Educational Trust. He also stressed the need of establishing English medium schools in towns and cities. We are carrying forward the mission of Hazrat Maulana Shah Muhammad Abdul Rahim Sahib Naqshbandi Mujadadi with full determination and enthusiasm, Maulana Mujadadi said who is also the secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

In his keynote address, Maulana Mujadadi referred to Muslims’ lamentable educational backwardness and stated that Muslims ought to have become the teachers of other nations as if they had attained knowledge.

While Muslims are represented less frequently in all branches of the government and semi-government, they are disproportionately over represented in prisons. According to a research survey, whereas Muslims make up 11% of the population, they make up around 52% of Mumbai Central Jail and Thana Jail.

This country won’t advance until Muslims join the race for progress; if Muslims in India advance, India will advance as well. Only 3.6% of our kids attain graduation, while 10.96% in secondary and 4.53% in senior secondary school education.

When a community is in the minority, then its members face more injustices than the majority community members.

The primary cause of this issue is that Muslims are not represented proportionally in all democratic systems, including the court, administrative power, bureaucracy, and all centers of power.

Minorities must endure injustices and prejudice as long as there is an unequal distribution of power across all communities.

We built Crescent Academy as a long-term solution to improve Muslim participation in the bureaucracy. 200 IAS and IPS officers have so far entered the public services after getting to coach from the Academy. We determined that good students from other communities who are interested in secular democracy should also receive coaching in this institution in addition to Muslims.

Referring to a report about Rajasthan, he expressed regret over the declining number of Muslim officers in the state and claimed that Muslims in the region do not prioritize education even though their diamond, jewelry, and carpet businesses make them wealthy and self-sufficient enough to send their children to college. They do not give education the attention it deserves.

He stated that by founding Jamia Al Hudayah Jaipur, his father Maulana Shah Muhammad Abdul Rahim Sahib Naqshbandi Mujadadi made a revolutionary and historic contribution to the area of education.

“Being his son and the leader of his movement makes me proud. Currently, four thousand male and female students attend Imam Rabbani School. After the construction is finished, this number will be doubled, and the process of opening more new schools will continue, God willing. I am fighting this battle with all of my heart and zeal.”

On the occasion, Chief guest Jyoti Khandelwal, former mayor of Jaipur Municipal Corporation said that these children are the future of India, and he was very happy to see the performance of the children.