How to Stay Focused:  The Method of Concentration in a Distracted World


How to Stay Focused: The Method of Concentration in a Distracted World

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Our success mostly depends on how we utilize our time. All of us have the same time. The same 24 hours a day, the same seven days a week and the successful people aren’t the only ones who worked hardest but also the ones who maintained their FOUCS throughout this journey of success.

Focus is one of the most important factors in the journey to success. If you want to achieve something in life, whether it be good marks in school/college, good performance at the workplace, earning maximum success and good money then it will depend on how focus you can be. But, in today’s distracted world when everyone is getting too much addicted to social media, unhealthy food, and a very stressful, disturbed lifestyle causing so many difficulties in concentration. But thankfully we have various practical steps which will help one to avoid distractions, stop checking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. again and again, and will help you to focus.

So, in this article, we are trying to understand what breaks your focus. How you will get distracted and what are the solutions?
• Focus / Concentration:
Focus or Concentration can be simply defined as “The ability to switch from all the distractions in our life and sticking to one Goal”. Focus can help you to achieve your goals either short-term or long-term, a vital skill for personal and professional growth. But with technological advancements, today’s world brings so many distractions that impede the concentration of a person and this problem can greatly shake your ability to carry our important tasks and achieve your goals.

• Why I Feel Trouble in Focusing?
This is one of the common issues in many. Some people find it difficult to perform a task that they don’t like and they lose focus, some people struggle to focus when they are multitasking but sometimes, we find ourselves struggling to complete a simple task.

Some common factors which are affecting your ability to focus are :
• Stress
• Mental and Physical health issues
• Lack of Sleep
• Not eating healthy food and excess junk food
• Addiction of Phones and other electronic and social media devices
• Not getting in enough physical activities throughout the day
• Distractions

These are just a few common reasons affecting your focus. In so many cases, poor concentration is accompanied by depression, stress, fear, and anxiety which not only affect your future goals but also the happiness of your present life as well.

Now, when you know the problem and you need help with concentration. But there is not one answer to it. Also, problems and solutions vary from person to person. Thankfully we have some very important and beneficial tips. If you follow them regularly then we can expect that it will bring some positive change in your life.


5 Ways To Improve Your Focus (Concentration) :
1. Setting Goals :
Your life needs planning and planning need’s purpose. Focus starts with a clear goal. For Example: Completing the study before the exam, learning new skills, Fitness, etc. with more specific, Time Bounded, and achievable goals help you concentrate more and provide you a roadmap of how much hard work and effort you need to put up to accomplish the goal.

2. Priority and Daily Target :
Once you set up your goal then list out how many targets you want to accomplish every day. Prioritization of proper task helps you to focus more on short targets as your brain consider it an easier task to accomplish. Try to cover these tasks in productive hours and repeat the same every day. Whether it will be project deadlines, household work, or exam studies. Everyday activity and priority will help you achieve your goals in a more convenient and confident way.

3. Proper Eating, Sleeping, and Exercise:
Confident way. In today’s distracting world, what fuels more in one’s less productivity is unhealthy eating and not taking enough sleep / bad sleep cycle.

First of all, take enough sleep of at least 6 hours including power naps in day time as well as necessary breaks.

Then choose healthy food which completes your need for carbs, Proteins and avoid junk which just fills up the fat in your body. Choose food that helps you to maintain energy such as fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and fiber foods also, avoid food that increases your blood sugar because spikes and dips in sugar can cause drowsiness and excessive sugar can create lifelong health issues as well.

And Lastly, work out at least one hour a day and maintain a fitness routine. It helps you to say fit, away from diseases, balance your energy, makes your mind sharp, and gives you a confidence in every phase of life.

Proper eating, sleeping, and workout habit contributes a lot in your concentration and focus.

4. Avoid Distractions :
‘Distraction Kills Concentration’. How can we focus when we always get distracted by something like phones, tv, computers-gaming? To avoid distraction, make a proper schedule of your important tasks and during that time keep yourself away from all the distractions. Keep your mobile phone at a distance, keep notifications off, and try to sit in an isolated or more quiet comfortable place. If you don’t have such a place then create one in your house or around where no one disturbs you frequently and where you able to distance yourself from all distractions mentioned above.

5. Self-Discipline and Mind Training :
Self-Discipline plays an important role in maintaining focus. Bounding yourself to complete the achievable task by pushing yourself, tracking your progress, and discussing with your ideal ones/well-wishers will help you improve concentration and gives you the satisfaction of adopting positive habits.

Along with that, training your brain is also equally important. Your subconscious mind reacts to the order and commands of your active mind and if you are sending the right and productive commands to your brain then they eventually generate the energy and it improves your cognitive skills. And at last, add reading habits, creative skillful hobbies, and active listening in your to-do lists.

Some Additional Tips for staying more focused are :
• Getting Organized at home and workplace
• Meditating for at least 10 mins every day
• Taking Breaks in between the task
• Working in a quiet, good, comfortable environment
• Try to complete your sleep at night by following the proper sleep cycle
• Early to bed and early to rise maintains lots of positivity in life
• Doing Cheerful, soulful activities such as charity, helping the poor and needy
• Spending time with nature Etc.

Learning how to improve concentration is easy to read and understand but is not something that you can achieve overnight. In a world full of distractions, mastering focus requires deliberate efforts and practice and, in this journey, the best way to keep yourself motivated is to understand why you are doing this. Focus on the final product/goal. The happiness of that achievement. And with that, you will surely achieve a Happy, Meaningful, and Satisfying life.