Some Musings on Education


Some Musings on Education

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In the present situation, where the unemployment crisis is increasing day by day, students need to have a clear career map in their minds to achieve their goals in life. Here are certain stages of a career plan which students can reflect on:

1. Choose a field and identify your skills that might match this field.
2. Reflect on your level of interest in the field.
3. Explore the scope of your chosen field.
4. Decide to pursue your career in this field.
5. Learn the essential skills required to excel in this field.
6. Pursue the field by setting achievable goals.
7. Select some extracurricular activities, which could be related or unrelated to your chosen field that could generate additional income and act as a financial supporter for you.

An additional skill provides an additional opportunity to excel in life. When love, passion, and skill work together, we can expect a masterpiece. Generally, due to further training, a skilled person is rewarded more and has better opportunities and responsibilities than someone who has fewer skills. Regardless of their job description, a skilled person remains a treasure to the company or organization they work.

Till some generations ago, joint families were common. Children were guided by their elders, who were skilled in many different ways and had long years of experience. The elders of the family taught children with great passion, dedication, and concern. They gave particular importance to morals, manners, and discipline, besides teaching children various skills. Such a thing is rare in today’s world. In today’s technological era, students are often guided by gadgets like smartphones, computers, and laptops, which lack the human touch, which plays a crucial role in leading a successful life in this world and Hereafter.

In today’s world, many human beings are simply becoming money-making machines. For many people, values are thought of as less important than ‘valuables.’ Certain precious qualities like humanity, love, and affection, and concern for others are slowly becoming extinct from our lives. We are in an era where minds are becoming more prominent and heart smaller.

I have been in the teaching field for almost two decades. In these years of teaching, I have observed that students who excelled in communication, had good manners and character, and possessed valued skills later found themselves well placed, with a job of their desire. But there is another side to the story. Today, many students do not accept that they lack specific skills that they ought to learn at the appropriate time of their student life. They dream of acquiring the position of their desire without putting in the required effort.

Education ought to make a student concerned about the well-being of others. Additionally, it must make them better persons, not just more informed persons. Suppose the sort of education a person receives makes them concerned only about their own material success and does not help them become better as persons. In that case, it defeats what ought to be a basic purpose of education. It gives immense pleasure to a teacher to see students climbing the ladder of success, provided they are on the path that leads to their inner development and the development of the wider society and that they can contribute to the good of God’s creation as a whole.