The Pen


The Pen

“With Education, Girls can make their Dreams Come True!” says Afreen Allam
Subconscious Mind and Beliefs: Learning and Understanding in Positive and Motivational Way…!!
Ensure our kids get an Education; it’s the Obligation of every Muslim: Maulana Mujadadi, Ameer Jamia Al Hudayah Jaipur

Inspired by a concept of the Discover Yourself workshop, Written by Alisa Sehrish

Zoya loved football. She had been playing the sport since she was 3. Now, she was 16 years old and had a tournament coming up. She would get up early for practice and go to coaching with her friends every morning. And as Zoya and her friends were walking back to their neighborhood in the evening,

“The final match is tomorrow!” Squeaked one of her friends, named Tina.

“Yes! And I’m so stressed out. We three should party at my house tonight.” Suggested Zoya’s other friend, Monika.

Zoya laughed and said, “Really? You want to party when the Final match is tomorrow?!”

“C’mon Zoya, we all are tired from today’s practice. It would be good to just dance and lose some of the stress.” Said, Monika.

“I would rather be practicing for the match, I really want our team to win the Trophy.” protested Zoya.

“But we still have more than 24 hours till the match, spending 1-2 hours having fun will not do any harm. We can perform better if we have less stress. Please, You have to come.” Told Tina.

They agreed to go home, get ready for the party and meet at Monika’s house.
Though Zoya had agreed, she wasn’t willing to go to the party, after all, She didn’t want to lose her friends or even want her friends to think that she was boring. But Zoya also wanted to practice before the match and win the Trophy she had been dreaming to secure since she was a kid!
Zoya goes home and explains the dilemma she is facing, to her Elder sister.
And after Zoya is done explaining, her Elder sister takes a Pen from her bag, places it on her own palm, and holds out her hand to Zoya.
“Take it,” says her elder sister.
Now Zoya was even more confused than she was earlier.
“Take the pen, Zoya .”
“Why?” Zoya asked.
“Just take it, I’m offering it to you.” says her sister.
Zoya does as her sister asked her to do and took the pen. Then the Elder sister asks Zoya, “Who took the pen?”
Zoya says, “I took the pen because you offered it to me.”
Then her sister says, “Okay. But who TOOK the pen?
Who is responsible for taking the pen I offered?”
Zoya answers, “I took the pen you offered. So I’m the one who is responsible for taking it.”

“Yes. Now tell me, Zoya, Am I responsible for you taking the pen from my hand? Or am I only responsible for offering you the pen and asking you to take it?” Wisely asked her Elder sister.

Zoya went into deep introspection of this question and realized that her sister only OFFERED her a pen and didn’t GIVE the pen forcefully to her. Zoya realized that she, herself, was responsible for the act of taking the pen.

Then her Elder sister says, “I only offered you the pen, Zoya. YOU had a choice. You could have taken the pen, hence complying with my offer. Or you could have not taken the pen. Even if I had shouted at you to take the pen or even hit you for the same, you would still have the power to choose what you want to do. Remember Zoya, you always have The Power of Choice.

You had the choice before taking the pen and you made one. And You, Zoya, are responsible for the choice you make and hence you will face consequences for the same.”

“Hmm…That makes a lot of sense,” says Zoya. “But what about the Party my friends are calling me to? Should I go or not?” She asks.

“Well, my dear sister, I don’t know.” Her elder sister replies and adds, “It’s your choice.”

My Personal Reflection On The Above Story:-
Shaitaan only whispers to us or calls us to do some acts of sin (like offering the pen).
We have the choice to comply with his offer or not.
Sure, Shaitaan is responsible for calling us to do that thing, by tempting us, and giving us more and more reasons to do it. But!
We are responsible for DOING the act. And WE face the consequences.
Inspired by a concept of the Discover Yourself workshop, Written by Alisa Sehrish.