Zaineb is on a mission to plant 1 lakh saplings across India


Zaineb is on a mission to plant 1 lakh saplings across India

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Fifteen-year-old Noora Zaineb from Kerala has made planting trees her mission. With the help of her father, Zaineb is on a mission to plant 1 lakh saplings across India through their foundation “Plants Our Passion”, according to an article by Shalini S. published in

The Plants Our Passion Foundation was started in 2017 with Noora as Vice Coordinator and her father Abdul Rasheed as the Chief Coordinator. They have planted over 40,000 saplings across India. They want to raise the number to 1 lakh this year. Plants Our Passion has conducted several workshops, inaugurated eco clubs, and organized meet-ups for plant lovers in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Her grandmother’s passion for plants was induced by her grandmother, who considered herbal plants an asset from nature to humans. Following her footprints, Noora’s father used to present saplings to his co-workers during their birthdays. This unique habit of his was much appreciated and as a result, blossomed into the formation of Plants Our Passion.

“Our mission is unique because we keep track of our plants. People regularly update us about the condition of the plant. If it’s drying up or appears dead, we encourage them by sending new packets of seeds and persuade them to take care of it,” says Noora.

Noora herself was not a big lover of nature as a child, but once she started engaging in the act of sowing saplings and watching them grow, she couldn’t get enough of the miracle. “The supple movement of the plants is magical. I nurture my plants by talking to them and sharing about my day. They do listen to you,” Noora says.

Through friends and acquaintances, they have developed a chain of community and have their seeds sown in different parts of India. “We have a Neem tree planted at the 17th gate of Mecca. It is such a blessing for us. We were able to do it with the help of my father’s friend,” says Noora.

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