We are far away from reality! Books are the genuine and selfless friend


We are far away from reality! Books are the genuine and selfless friend

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Life is not easy to live without a true friend. We all are living with fake people. Everybody isn’t our friend; just because they laugh with us does not mean they are with us. The actual situation exposes people to who they really are. We can’t deny that the advent of a new era came up with advanced technologies that made people so materialistic and money-minded. Because of this, people have forgotten humanity, values, and love, just for their own sake. They betray and become unfaithful towards other human beings. So everyone needs friends whom they can trust upon. Some might have a large circle of friends, whereas some people don’t have friends. But when it comes to books, they can be our best and selfless friends.

Books are the tones of printed pages that consist of knowledge and ideas. It was first published in 1455, Mainz Germany, by John Guten Burg, and the first English paper was written by William Caxton in the U.S and Canada. There are several books available around us to read. There are many types of books such as fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, novels, religious, etc. They never make us feel alone. If one really wants to have a true and loyal friend, one should buy books. Yes! Books are true friends, and we are far away from this reality. They talk to us when you read a book. It enriches our minds with good thoughts and knowledge like a true friend. They are always with you; they teach us to have big dreams. They give us a gleam of hope. They make us feel positive, and ultimately the power of positive thinking would always present an entirely different picture and impact our body and soul. So one can read any book and talk to them at any time.

They’re always available for us. They enhance our vocabulary, reading skills. This decreases stress and tension and enhances our imagination and empathy; they make one’s personality suitable as it gives ideas in life.

It is very rightly said, “Books let us travel the world without moving our feet.” One can sit in the corner of a room and explore the whole world by just reading a book, and you will find yourself engrossed in the books. Some people buy books by seeing the pictures and cover, but it should be remembered that never judge a book by its cover. No image in the book doesn’t mean that it is not an interesting one. Before reading a book, we should never judge; go with the content, ideas, and opinion.

A year ago, I read a book called “Believe in Yourself” by Joseph Murphy; it was super amazing as it encouraged me towards my dream and passion. I found it so fascinating that we should never forget that if life is full of obstacles and cruel hardships, only you can change it. The moment you decide to change everything that will happen one day just because you believe in yourself. Recently I read a book called “Good Vibes, Good Life” by Vex King. This book really filled me up with positive vibes, taught me the importance of self-love, and helped me create my journey of imagination.

I want to sum up this by saying that books are a medium of knowledge that contains many amazing facts and opinions for us. All we need is just grasp everything! So stop running after people, make your books your friend because they are the only ones who’ll never betray you, and always stand by your side in building your knowledge and power.
* The girl is just passed 12th Science.