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NGS Madrasa Ashraful Banat Arabic College for Girls (Residential) Presents

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Acquire Spiritual Knowledge along with Life Skills from an Islamic Viewpoint
The NGS Group of Institutions (New Generation Education Society) has established the NGS Madrasa Ashraful Banat, under the care and supervision of religious scholars. Food and accommodation is arranged for the girl students.
A 40 ““ days Summer Vacation Course will be conducted at the Madrasa. Besides this, there are short-term courses of one year, six months and three months’ duration. There is an existing two-year Alimah Course of NGS PU College, in which English, Hindi, Kannada and Urdu languages are taught. Now, we have made it into a five- year course, that is, from 8th Std to II PU. So both worldly and religious knowledge and training for the girl students is provided.
Ibtidayeah and Sania are being taught to the girls in the Madrasa and PUC I and II (Commerce) classes are also being conducted. In the 40-days Summer Vacation Course, the students and their parents will be briefed about the 5 years’ Alimah Course Islamiyat, Quran, Amma para (one of the 30 divisions of the Quran), with ‘makharij’, ‘tajwid’ and ‘qawaid’; important daily prayers and Hadiths; Urdu language skills; problems related to daily living with practical solutions, that is life skills from an Islamic viewpoint.
This is a golden opportunity for the girl students, along with religious instruction, they will oriented towards handling life in an Islamic way in the modern world. All this is arranged in accordance with purdah and the laws of shariat.
Parents who are having a daughter may feel that she is going to school, yet she is far away from the practices and beliefs of Islam; the parents of another daughter may get the feeling that she is in the Madrasa, yet she is lacking in modern education. The solution to these problems is available in the Madrasa. Parents are invited to utilize this opportunity, and ensure that their children are successful in both the religious and worldly spheres.
In the Madrasa, it must be noted, only the teachings of Shariat based on Quran and Hadith are imparted, in which the adherents of all sects are welcome.
The Madrasa is located at 22-28/1, V.M. Temple Road, Kanakapura Road Cross, Talaghatapura, Bangalore ““62.
Registered Office:
New Generation Education Society, 34, Kanakapura Road,
Basavanagudi, Bangalore- 04.
Contact: Sayeed Munaver ““
98450 43275 / 98444 43275
Hafiz Mutahar Sharif ““
99162 49761 / 97312 20081


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    can i get some good course that we can start in summer holidays for children’s in masjid