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AMU Faculty Release New Book on Malayalam Culture

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Aligarh: If you are a researcher or fond of finding the theoretical reinterpretations on how female governance can balance the human profile on nature and the study of Malayalam culture with new thinking, then leaf through the pages of Vattavum Chathuravum (Sphere and Squire- Ajanta Publications) by Prof Nujum A who is Chairman, Department of Modern Indian Languages, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Released recently in a special function of the Department of Modern Indian Languages, ‘Sphere and Squire’ put forward fleshed out arguments in compelling terms seeking to expand the hitherto narrow conceptions and understanding.

“This book is not an esoteric philosophical debate. It is intended to increase the understanding of a large number of people and captivate both readers and critics alike on how the female worldview shaped by the practice and culture in prehistoric times, always contained the power of overcoming the present-day crisis”, said the author, Prof Nujum.

He added: “It is hoped that this book will aptly approach contemporary concerns through cultural and historical studies and will serve as a reference for research that integrates nature, gender and collective knowledge”.

“Prof Nujum’s new book is an original analysis bringing to light the analytical exchange of nature and humanity with relevance in the neo-ecological context”, said Prof S Imtiaz Hasnain (Dean, Faculty of Arts) in the book release ceremony.

He also spoke on the importance of modern Indian languages for national integration.

On the occasion, S Joseph (Postmodern Malayalam Poet) emphasised that Sphere and Squire opens the door to a fresh understanding of feminism, folklore, art, literature, history, culture, women’s studies, aesthetics, tribalism, and capitalist globalization.

Prof Noushad TP (Department Of Library Science), Dr Amina Katun (Bengali Section, Department of Modern Indian Languages), Dr Thaher H Pathan (Marathi Section, Department of Modern Indian Languages) Dr Tamilselvan (Tamil Section, Department of Modern Indian Languages) and Dr Kasim Pathan (Telugu Section, Department of Modern Indian Languages) also gave their views on Prof Nujum’s book.