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God, Faith and The Purpose of Life

Exploring Synergy Between Religion and Science – A Delightful Volume of Essays
Unwinding BJP’s Success Strategy in UP
Universe is Inexplicable without God

Sebastian Athappilly
In conversation with Roshan
Published by Dharmaram Publications 2019
Dharmaram College, Bengaluru
Ph: 080-41116137
Price: Rs 150

This booklet has the modest purpose of questioning and challenging atheistic claims and clarifying and deepening the faith of believers in God, on the other. The booklet is packed with questions and answers, questions put by Roshan, a writer on spirituality and inter-community harmony to Father Sebastian Athappilly, a Catholic priest from Kerala belonging to the CMI ( Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) religious congregation. Since 2009, he has been serving as hospital chaplain in the University Clinic, Graz, Austria.