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Name of the author: S. Moinuddin Pasha
Publishers: Anjuman-e-Hadeeqat-ul-Adab, Mysore
Year of publication: 2023
Number of pages: 196
Price: Rs. 200
Copies can be had from:
United Minorities Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.
18th West Cross, Ashoka Road, Mysore.
Phone: 0821-2444406, 0821-4257024, 0821-2450024

Mysore, a historical hub of literary and creative endeavors, has witnessed significant contributions in various languages over the decades. Mr. S. Moinuddin Pasha’s recent book, “SUKHUNWARAN-E-MYSORE,” published by Anjuman-e-Hadeeqat-ul-Adab, Mysore, is a commendable effort to revive and document the literary works of Urdu poets and prose writers from the region.

The book delves into the rich literary history of Mysore, shedding light on the patronage extended by King Shri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, which propelled Urdu language and literature. Mr. Pasha meticulously compiles biographical information, including birth and death dates, family details, education, profession, awards, and publications, along with photographs and samples of work for 55 poets, 22 prose writers, five artists, and nine calligraphists.

Among the listed luminaries are Hassan Khan Gardish, Prof. Siraj Adeebi, Agha Mirza Mahmood Sarosh, Husna Sarwar, Ikram Kawish, Syed Ahmed Rahil, Razzaq Afsar, Prof. Ghaffar Shakeel, Prof. Sheik Ali, Dr. Syed Khudrathulla, Dr. Habibunnisa Begum Valiulla, Prof. Meer Mahmood Hussain, Saleem Tamannayi, Dr. Aamina Khatoon, Neelufer Sameena, and others.

The book serves as a valuable directory of literary giants from Mysore, covering contributors to education, culture, and literature. Mr. Pasha’s meticulous documentation ensures that the book is an essential resource for Urdu enthusiasts, academics, and libraries. “SUKHUNWARAN-E-MYSORE” is a significant addition to the series chronicling the noteworthy personalities of Mysore and their lasting impact on various fields, making it a must-read for those connected with Urdu language and literature.

Syed Tahsin Ahmed