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Assam – No Easy Solution in Sight

The draft of the National Registration of Citizens (NRC) which was placed in the public domain on July 30 has aroused fears and resentment in Assam as [...]


Pakistan is witnessing its second change of civilian to civilian government in its 70-year history punctured by frequent Martial Law and rule by the A [...]

Erdogan Consolidates His Grip

But Turkey's downslide on scale of democratic freedoms and human rights is too palpable to be missed. Turkish strongman Recep Teyyip Erdogan has emerg [...]

Some Change in Karnataka

Karnataka elections having delivered a hung mandate, a Janata Dal Secular-Congress coalition has stepped into the saddle of governance. On a day (Ma [...]

Karnataka Poll Scene

Karnataka will be going to the polls within the next two months. Given the pattern of alternation of power between parties, it is difficult to hazard [...]
The Jar of Life

The Jar of Life

It is up to oneself as to how he uses the time of life gifted to him. It was Prof. Suleiman's period. While entering the room, he threw a glance ac [...]

BJP’s Invincibility Challenged

The only silver lining from the recently concluded elections for the two Assemblies is that the BJP's numbers have dwindled in Gujarat, a state known [...]

Reckless and Unjust

American President Donald Trump has characteristically stirred the hornet's nest by deciding to move the embassy of the United States to Jerusalem in [...]

Towards Peace in Kashmir

The Union Government's initiative to reach out to the people in the Valley in Jammu and Kashmir yet again must be welcomed by all those who believe in [...]

Showing the Way Forward

President of India Mr. Ramnath Kovind has demonstrated true statesmanship by recognizing the role of Tipu Sultan in Indian history by fighting against [...]
1 2 3 4 11 20 / 107 POSTS