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Deal Cautiously with Rohingya Issue

The plight of Rohingyas has received international attention, with the junta in Myanmar going on a 'kill, rape, burn and loot' campaign in the Rakhine [...]

New Equations in Karnataka

Karnataka will be facing Assembly elections in March-April next year. The BJP, currently on the back foot, will be using all the stratagems in its bag [...]

No Cause for Cheer

Pathetically low representation of Muslims in higher education is robbing the community of share in the nation's economic growth. There are two ta [...]

Sectarian Agenda to the Fore

Today, India is facing major challenges. All kinds of vigilantes are out into the open and unleashing their fury over anything that offends them. Akhl [...]

Bankrupt Saudi Diplomacy

The American President Donald Trump's charge that Iran supports terrorism does not square up with the reality. It was utterly laughable that Trump was [...]

Welcome Move, But”¦

The raising of reservation quota for Muslims"”from existing 4% to 12%"” and for the scheduled tribes from 6% to 10% should be welcomed by all sections [...]

Introspection is the Need of the Hour

The outcome of the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh is a clear setback for all those who were expecting a repeat mandate for the secular parties in [...]
Murder in the Name of Religion

Murder in the Name of Religion

The heinous slaughter of dozens of people at the renowned shrine of the Sufi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan, Sindh (in Pakistan) by a suicide-bombe [...]

No Less Than a Tragedy

English fortnightly Milli Gazette, a magazine started around the turn of the century has folded up. It is a departure that should sadden the hearts o [...]

Muslim Media: Birth and Death

I remember when Moulana Abdul Kareem Parikh Sab (late) in his inaugural speech of Islamic Voice, English monthly in January 1987 (30 years ago) shared [...]
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