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Contemporary Muslims are in Need of Spirituality

Muslim societies are profoundly bereft of serenity, coherence and peace. The time has come for a spiritual and religious emancipation. By Tariq Rama [...]
Baitul Hikmat

Baitul Hikmat

The historical institute of secular and religious education, research academy, scientific laboratory and a global sanctuary of learning, Baitul Hikmat [...]

Phony Muslimness

Islam is about freedom. You are individually rewarded or deprived with the grace of God for your acts, neither the Muslim Students Association nor the [...]
Perceptions About Islam:  What Needs to be Done

Perceptions About Islam: What Needs to be Done

The Muslim media must totally stop spreading negative news, and, instead, engage in the task of highlighting positive news. By Maulana Wahiduddin Kha [...]

Eid Moon and the Lunar Calendar

Astrophysicist Prof. Malik Ingalgi lays down guidelines which may help determine the sightability of Moon From time immemorial man has been observin [...]


The Whole Purpose of Life is to make God a Reality. The work of the inner life is to make God a reality, so that He is no more an imagination; that th [...]

Refraining from Applying Wrong Labels

Some Muslims also use very derogatory terms for others, especially when they are among themselves and others are not present. In this way, they aliena [...]
1 4 5 657 / 57 POSTS