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Tucked away amidst tree-lined boulevards in Bangalore, ILM Montessori offers a fun-filled and productive time for kids, where they can learn at their own pace.

It seemed like the silver lining in the clouds”¦.. On a cloudy cold June afternoon, ILM Montessori opened its doors to little children with the promise of giving the kids a beautiful childhood time filled with fun and laughter. Tucked away amidst natural tree-lined boulevards and located in the serene yet cosmopolitan suburbs of Koramangala, Bangalore, ILM Montessori was founded in 2013, and is managed by the ILM Foundation. With the core belief that education should encompass values that respect humanity and add meaning to our lives, the “House of Children” as it is also called, promises a fun-filled and productive time for kids who are just 2.5 to 5.5 years!
Committed and dedicated towards instilling the values of equality, integrity, universal brotherhood and social justice that define humanity yet rapidly diminishing in our society, ILM Montessori with its motto of “Inspiring lives with Meaning” aims to build a strong academic foundation for a child’s bright future.
Driven solely by the passion to impart an education that shapes young minds and nurtures souls, Ilm Montessori strives to give kids the best start to their education.
“For the few formative years that your angels are with us, we endeavour to have them prepared to excel by providing them an educational foundation that builds character, right attitude and nurtures values,” says Seema Khan who heads the ILM Montessori.
Keeping in mind the child’s welfare, development and preparation for future school years, the curriculum at ILM, is designed to follow the Montessori Method that allows the child to develop the skills, knowledge and qualities necessary for a successful life.
“We believe that during the early years of life, the mind is most receptive to information, making children experience cognitive, emotional and social growth at a rapid pace. Children are natural learners and the Montessori Method through a wide variety of planned, structured yet exciting activities (indoor and outdoor) allows your child to learn through experience. The theme based activities (art and craft, reading, self-grooming, circle time, gardening etc.) develop their character and initiates a keen sense of understanding and awareness of the world around. By being granted the freedom to choose activities of his/her choice, the child will quickly embrace challenges and gradually conquer fears,” explains Seema.
The school’s alluring location with its pleasant and homely environment provides comfort with both outdoor and indoor play areas that encourage and facilitate interaction, observation, curiosity and imagination. Such an enriching yet stress free atmosphere that stimulates personal, social, physical, cognitive, creative and emotional development enables kids to appreciate nature while recognizing and building on their unique qualities.
Like Dr Taha Mateen, who is also one among other like-minded individuals who have worked hard to set up ILM Foundation, the entire team is very humanitarian in its approach towards children’s education paying emphasis on value based learning, rather than competition that can stress the child out.
Parents will also be involved in all aspects of their children’s lives. “Our interactive blog posts keep you in the loop regarding day-to-day activities and programmes of the school. We also encourage parent-teacher liaisons throughout the year to discuss feedback, suggestions, and concerns keeping you informed of your child’s progress,” says a member of the Foundation.
Teachers at the school take on the role of a caregiver. They encourage active learning by creating a vibrant classroom atmosphere. For this purpose, an energetic and enriching schedule every day is planned. The school has a good student-teacher ratio, guaranteeing individual attention. The school lays equal emphasis on academics and extra-curricular activities. The faculty here has exemplary qualities like empathy, patience and creativity that qualify them firstly as role models and then teachers, enabling children to develop self-esteem, skills, knowledge and positive attitude towards life.
For more details contact IlM Foundation, No 332, 5th Main, 1st Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore- 560095. Ph: 9900025633
E-mail: [email protected].
Website: www.ilm-foundation.com