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For around five years now, Bengaluru-based Syed Gulab and his associates at an NGO called the Roti Charity Trust have been rendering yeoman service by providing free nutritious food to mainly attenders of patients from economically poor families who are undergoing treatment at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, NIMHANS, Kidwai hospital, etc., all located in the same area in Bengaluru. Patients and their attenders come from different parts of India. The length of the patients’ stays in hospital varies and can extend up to several months. During this period, attenders of the patients from poor families often find it exceedingly difficult to manage with expenses for their food. For many of them, it is an excessively big expense.
Even during this critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown, the Roti Charity Trust is continuing with its service of providing nutritious food free of cost to patients’ attenders. This food is served at lunchtime every day parcels of rice, sambar, and vegetables. According to Syed Gulab, more than 250 people are now receiving this food every day. The Roti Charity Trust continues to engage in this service even in the challenging context of today, with God’s help and the support of well-wishers.
The daily expense on the food varies it is around Rs. 3000. If you would like to support this noble venture, you can contact Syed Gulab on 9741906021. You can learn more about the Roti Charity Trust on Youtube.com.