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Ever since the independence of the country, we Indian Muslims, have always grumbled that there is No genuine Mass leader for our community, who has wide acceptability.

There is not a single charismatic leader who could have made a mark pan India who could take the entire Muslim community of the country along with him.

For that matter, even same situation at the state level too. There is hardly any single leader who has made a name for himself and is recognized by the community as the prominent leader of the Muslims of that particular state, who can inspire Trust and confidence and protect the rights and lives of the Community.

Are we really lacking leaders?
Are there really no leadership qualities present in the current generation?

Or is it that, the community unable to recognize the existence of people with leadership quality.

Or did we by default set, such a high moral standard to be a Muslim Leader…that no Muslim leader is able to reach that point or meet that standard.

Whatever the case, we will have to make do with the available leaders around us, because, by our imaginary standards, no angel is going to descend from heaven to lead us.

It is noticed that in other communities, despite their shortcomings and weaknesses, yet on the basis of their caste and sub-caste, they accept someone or the other, as the Biggest leader of their respective community and accept him as their sole leader and join together to support him to be the helm of affairs in a political party as well as in the Government. And thereby, continue to get respect for the leader and also the community.

When such is the situation, we Muslim community cannot remain silent by hoping for a single Mass or charismatic leader across the country ora single tall leader in the states.

In this regard, a team of intellectuals from various walks of life, from the state of Karnataka and especially from the city of Bangalore, particularly an NGO “Vision Karnataka”, after a lot of inquisitive deliberations and discussions, decided on forming a collective leadership rather than looking and waiting for a Single Mass Leader.

In this regard, a congregation of all the famous and well-known welfare organizations of Muslims of the city of Bangalore is held under the banner of Vision Karnataka.

After much brain storming in the session, we have made a selection of a team of about 20 eminent people and this group has been named as Community Advisory Board[ CAB].

Composition of the Community Advisory Board.
It was decided that the Board’s composition should be such that five Ulemas- representing major religious sects and including our Shia brethren, shall be present in it, along with representatives from prominent heads of institutions, intellectuals, experienced retired government officials, journalists, lawyers, professors,, and social workers.

And thus, the advisory board was formed based on all of them to make a Collective Leadership.

Aims and objectives (CAB)
The Board shall be an advisory board that will guide the community through comprehensive planning keeping a close eye on the current situation.

The Board takes immediate action on any emergency situation and before the community gets worried about it, making full use of its knowledge, experience, expertise, and abilities, after due discussion and deliberations in consultation with the stakeholders and carefully analyzing the problems faced by the people in general and community in particular, and taking prudent decisions unanimously or by the majority vote.

The community will be guided by the decision so taken, and thereafter any institution or Individual person who wants to take any major responsibility for the community, in accordance with the Board decision, and moves forward, will be fully supported and patronized by the Board.

The board will have its own website, there in dedicated phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers, and e-mail, and a portal will be provided, where people can pose their problems and concerns.

It will be considered and suitably replied.

The board will strive to work and control the situation and keep pressure on the government.

Any Person (S) Or Organizations
Who want to do something practical and useful for the community which may affect the majority of the community, are advised to consult the CAB board before taking any steps/action and also thoroughly Discuss with the board and obtain consent, thereafter, follow the directives and proceed with and carry out their great work so that there is no chaos in the community and which affect the interests of the community.

It is always advisable not to take the unilateral decision/actionby the group and individuals.

For example, if any lawyer wants to enter PIL in the interest of the COMMUNITY, he should first consult the board, take the board’s support, and proceed so that fruitful results can be obtained.

In this way, the institutions of the community should not express their opinion on the sensitive issues of the community, before the general public, rather first consult the board and then proceed.

Muslim political leaders should also refrain from rhetoric on the sensitive issues of the community. If they want, free to take the stand of their political party: give a statement, accordingly, but not of community without the approval of the Board, so that the community does not have to bear its adverse consequences.

BOARD, will also have a separate Women’s Department which will deal with women’s specific issues, with confidentially and provide necessary guidance and direction.

The jurisdiction of the Board shall be limited to the city of Bangalore for the time being and will be expanded soon to entire the State of Karnataka.

CAB: always stand for the Betterment of the Community

By coordination with other community institutions and individuals, the Board extends its appreciation, and praises and suitably gives Awards to such achievers and publicizes their meritorious works in appropriate manner and forums.

Further, motivate by giving awards to the active institutions so that their services are recognized and encouraged.

There will be a five-member Sub-committee, acting as spokespersons/ facilitators, which has public liaison and influence, so as to communicate the decisions or directives of the Board to the public, to the concerned departments, or to the authorities/Govt.’s.

Among Moulanas: (1) Mufti Iftikhar Ahmed Qasmi (2) Maulana Khalilur Rehman (3) Mufti Zulfiqar Ahmed Noori (4) Maulana Manzoor Raza Abidi Sahib (5) Maulana Maqsood Imran

Among; Heads of Muslim Organisations: (1) Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Siddiqui ;(2) Mr. Hussain Sharif Sahib(3) Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Millat Society, ;(4) Mr. SS Afser Qadri (5) Mohammed Yunus

Among Retd.Officers (1) Mr. Ijaz Ahmed, KAS ; (2) Colonel Abdul Hakeem

Among intellectuals (1) Mr. Syed Shafiullah Sahib; (2) Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed sheriff (3) Mr. Yusuf Kanni Sahib (4) Mr. Azam Shahid (5) Mr. Ayub Ahmed Khan, Advocate

It is time for the people of the community to properly convey their problems which have an impact on the community as a whole, and get the advice &and support of the Board, to resolve the issues amicably with concerned departments or the government.