In Solidarity with Sparrows


In Solidarity with Sparrows

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LITTLE BROWN FRIENDS World Sparrow Day on March 20

World Sparrow Day (WSD) is celebrated on March 20 every year. This day is observed to raise awareness about the house sparrow and threats to its well being. World Sparrow Day was first celebrated in 2010. You can celebrate this day by organizing sparrow-watching walks & hikes, hosting a sparrow photography contest, organizing classroom activities for kids, and installing sparrow nest boxes and feeders.

In 2022, World Sparrow Day will be celebrated on March 20.

Islam teaches us to be kind to animals, birds, and trees, respect nature, and live in harmony. Sadly, we human beings and Muslims do not practice this. Like all other birds, Sparrows are humble, simple creatures of Almighty Allah.

These little birds have disappeared from cities and big towns. Our materialistic wants of building tall buildings packed grains, compared to how our grandmothers used to sit in the front yard of their huts cleaning grains which gave sparrows their food, have made these pretty birds fly away.

In solidarity with the sparrows and all birds and animals, Islamic Voice brings a touching piece here to awaken our conscience and pray for the well-being of the sparrows!