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The past two years have been challenging and different in many ways for all of us.

It changed our lives in various ways. But just like all situations and experiences do, even Covid brought many opportunities along with it.

Many used these two years very wisely without constantly complaining of the limitations it imposed on us.

Many children got to spend more time with their family members, and many learned new skills at home.

The pressure of school and being on time was taken off, and it opened doors to a much more relaxed learning environment.

Some children picked baking skills; some improved on their painting skills. At the same time, many explored their interest in performing before a camera and posting their work on YouTube.

Overall, covid did come with a lot of opportunities, and many utilized it well.

Things still haven’t gone to the usual rat race that we were so used to. Covid restrictions are still in place to some extent, which means we still have time on our hands to do the things that we weren’t able to accomplish due to the busy days.

Dear children, using time productively gives us a satisfying feeling and also helps us build our skills. Practicing a hobby teaches us a lot of other skills. Dedicated learning of any art or subject gives us mastery over it.

I would recommend you pick an activity that you have always wanted to try, a hobby that interests you and is doable within the place you live.

For one to be proficient in any skill, one needs to follow the order mentioned below. And in sha Allah, you will have one more feather under your cap.

  • Discipline and determination
  • Unlimited trials and improvements
  • Mastery
  • Sharing it with others

Painting, sports, cooking, or reading, many more, we need strict discipline for any learning. We need to control our attention and actions in the presence of distractions. Along with discipline, we need the determination to pursue our hobby regardless of setbacks and failures relentlessly.

A new skill will require many many attempts. One cannot attain any mastery in a mere half a dozen attempts. Have the confidence that you can master it but do not have the overconfidence that you already are a master of it. Learn from your every mistake. And let your next attempt be a more informed, calculated, and conscious attempt that is better than the previous one.

Once you have indeed mastered the skill, feel good but don’t just stop here. Now it’s time for you to teach others. Teaching makes us keep improving our lessons more and more. Because to teach is to learn twice.

By teaching you will again bring in yourself all the skills that are required in a leader. Be leaders – you can be at your own age. It doesn’t mean being classroom or assembly leaders. Have the qualities of a leader. Vision, belief, patience, empathy, and a sense of giving and leaving your legacy.