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A Tea Party at Magic Terrace

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One day, during a storm, two red tiles on the roof of Dolcy’s cottage flew out and into the trees far away.

By Binkles Tinku

The rain had been falling pitter-patter for quite some time, and Dolcy’s pretty cottage, Magic Terrace, looked lovely. The ferns and creepers around it were deliciously green.
Dolcy was a little boy with chubby cheeks and a pink nose, and lived in Magic Terrace with Teddy, a little white toy bear. Tinku, Dolcy’s friend, had requested Teddy to mind Dolcy’s home during the rains. Whenever Tinku came over to Magic Terrace, Teddy would have lots of fun playing with the two children and making peppermint milkshake for them.
The North wind had been blowing hard over the blue hills overlooking Oakwood county..wisha wisha woo woo it went! One day, during a storm, two red tiles on the roof of Dolcy’s cottage flew out and into the trees far away. “Goodness gracious Dolcy!”, squealed Tinku. “There’s now a hole in the roof. The rain will pour in.”
“Don’t worry kids”, said Teddy. “We’ll get Giggly the goblin to fetch the tiles and put them back on the roof.”
“No Teddy”, said Dolcy. “What if Giggly tumbles down the roof and into the bushes below? It’s quite possible, because he’s always gigging!”
“Oh, then I’ve a super idea!” exclaimed Teddy. “I’ll request some of my friends like Skippy, the squirrel, Klippy, the crow, if we could get together to repair the roof. They all love Tinku and Dolcy because they keep giving them cake crumbs!” “Thank you Teddy!” squealed the kids. “That’s very kind of you!”
The next afternoon, Teddy’s friend, Mable the mouse, popped her head over the roof and peeped inside, grinning naughtily at Dolcy, Tinku and Teddy. ” Hey friends, here I am! I can cover the gap in the roof in a jiffy!” she squeaked.
Mable had hardly finished speaking when amidst loud twittering, Spiro the sparrow arrived, with a bit of hay in his beak, which he said he’d use for tying in the tiles. Then came Skippy the squirrel with a basket full of twigs he had picked up from Knitty the weaverbird. Klippy the crow brought a couple of pebbles in his beak to fasten the tiles on the roof. Minty, the baby monkey brought in a big sheet of cardboard from his garage which would also be used in the repair work.
Soon Teddy, Spiro, Mable, Skippy, Klippy and Minty were busy at work. Each did their task very neatly. In a short while, the tiles on Dolcy’s cottage were firmly back where they had been before the storm had carried them away!
“Wuppy! No more raindrops, no more raindrops!”, squealed Dolcy and Tinku. “Thank you Teddy, Spiro, Mable, Klippy, Skippy and Minty! It was so very kind of you!”.
Then, everyone got together in a circle, holding hands and paws (as the case might be) to sing the Pitter-Patter nursery rhyme! Tinku fetched some strawberry cup-cakes and cheese-straws that her mother and she had baked that morning and they had a lovely afternoon tea party!
For all you know, the party might still be on! Would you like to climb up to Magic Terrace and peek at all the goodies they may be munching? You might be able to get some for yourself if there are any left! n