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Super Stories with Tips and Activities

By Shahin Ashraf Ali
Published by The Pauline Sisters Bombay Society, 143 Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai-400050
Price: Rs 70

Shahin Ashraf Ali is an author of children’s books, a freelance journalist and teacher. She teaches memorizing techniques to school students in Mumbai. Shahin lives with her husband and best friends: books, trees, plants and pets!
Like Shahin’s previous well appreciated book, Once Upon a Summer Vacation and 19 Other Stories, this book sensitively addresses challenges of childhood. The stories may have an appeal for all age groups.
Super Stories with Tips and Activities is a wonderful little book of interesting and inspiring short stories, helpful tips you can use and fun activity pages. Enjoy!
(For online purchase, visit www.paulineindia.org or www.amazon.in)