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Who do you love?

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The teacher gave a task to the children to write down about who they love.
Sufya wrote, “I love life, and I love all my family, friends, and relatives who make my life better.”
Issa wrote down, “I love my teacher because she gives me good knowledge. I love my doctor because he helps me get healthy. I love all those who benefit me.”
Aadil wrote, “I love those who have good qualities.”
Zain wrote, “I love things that look beautiful. I love knowledge too. Also, I love power like that of superheroes.”
The teacher smiled, reading their answers, and gave them a beautiful explanation:
Dear Sufyan, you said you love life, so how much should you love the One who gave you this life? Allah also gave life to your family, friends, and relatives whose company you enjoy. He blew life into all of you. Feel your heartbeat. My dear, your heart will continue to beat tirelessly as long as Allah wishes. For you, Allah has prepared the gardens of Jannah where you will live forever! Won’t you love Allah the most?
Dear Issa, you know that Allah is an-Naafi, meaning the One who benefits us. Who created your favorite person? Who gave the intelligence and the knowledge to the teacher to teach you? Allah is the Source of all benefits, and your favorite person is only a means to receive Allah’s gifts. So won’t you love Allah the most?
Dear Aadil, when you hear that someone has beautiful qualities like kindness, justice, love, wisdom, you will love them but remember Allah is the Source of the most beautiful qualities. Asma ul Husna are the beautiful names of Allah. Any good quality you see in anyone is just a tiny fraction of what Allah has. Allah is ar-Rahmaan, the Kindest who provides food and health to even those who disbelieve in Him. Allah is al-Adl, the Just. Al-wadood, the Most-Loving. Al-Hakeem, the Most-Wise whose plans for you are the best. So won’t you love Allah the most?
Dear Zain, you love beautiful things, then remember Allah is al-Musawwir, the One who beautifully shapes things. He is the Most-Beautiful. You love knowledge, so know that Allah is al-Aleem (the All-knowing), and He created knowledge. Nothing in the heavens and the earth is outside His knowledge. You love power, and you love powerful heroes, so remember that Allah is the Creator of power and heroism. We say “La hawla wala quwwata illa billah”- There is no power and strength except in Allah and through Allah. If Allah wills, He can give power to even a small mosquito to destroy a powerful person.
Humans have defects, but Allah is free from defects, so He is the One fit to be loved. Perfection is only for Allah and not for any created being. The most perfect is Only One; there is nothing and none like Him. He is above comparison, and He is independent, having no need or necessity. He has got no beginning and no end. He exists by Himself, and everything exists due to Him. Those who are wise will love Allah, while those who are ignorant will love other than Allah.
Now I ask you again, my dear students, who do you love?
They all replied: Allah.