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Wuppy! Time for Quran Bedtime Tales, Kids!
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“¢    The brain of a bee is smaller than a pinhead?
“¢    In some countries like China or Myanmar, it is disrespectful and impolite to look into the eyes of the person talking to you. This means people should talk with their eyes downcast.
“¢    The smallest city of the world is the Vatican City with a population of around 800 people. The Vatican City is the religious capital of Christianity where the Pope lives.
“¢    In every 9 seconds, one person dies as a result of cigarette smoking.
“¢    There are around 40 species of bacteria in the mouth, which protect the mouth cavity from diseases.
“¢    Only half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps. The other half remains awake so that the animal can emerge from water to get air.
“¢     The eye muscles move about one lakh times a day. Most of the movements take place in the night while dreaming.
“¢    The Russian cosmonaut Walentina Tereschkowa was the first woman to fly in space.
“¢   The first space tourist was American multimillionaire Dennis Tito who made the journey in 2001.
“¢     Modern notes are made forgery-proof through the Guilloche””special patterns made of entwined lines of holograms””which are complicated laser photographs.