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People often mistake printing for publication. But they are two different functions.
When you print something, you just choose a font for types, apply them ink and press the paper between printing rollers in a printing press.
But publishing involves a chain of skills e.g., editing, revision, vetting, referencing, designing, positioning and building an author’s career slowly and carefully. A publisher evaluates the contents of a manuscript, finds out if any such work already exists in the market, identifies its intellectual worth as well as financial gain he would make from it. He then sends it to referees who advise him about the worth of the book. It is then edited and revised by competent editors. Following this it is distributed through booksellers. Copies are sent to newspapers to offer reviews to the readers. Book reading sessions are organized to make the people aware of the work’s contents.
A wedding card, a poster, a receipt book, flyers are printed. But a book needs to be published.