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Fast Food’ For Kitties

The Butterfly
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Kitties love cream and milk, but of late they’ve begun to copy human folks, who stuff themselves with what they call ‘fast food’ these days.

By Nigar Ataulla

Creamy lived in an apartment in a big city called Jim Jam. The town’s strange name owed to the fact that its streets were jam-packed with traffic all day.
Creamy was a plump orange-coloured cat. He slept on the bounciest cushions and ate the tastiest food that any pussy could ask for. The house in which he lived had a bunch of very naughty kids who pestered their parents everyday to get them what they called ‘fast food’. Creamy would wake up in the morning to hear the kids screaming, “We want fast food for breakfast today!”
Being a curious kitty, Creamy wanted to know what ‘fast food’ was. So, one day, he set off to ask Crackers, a well-read cat, about it. Crackers spent her whole day reading books and hunting mice and squirrels.
Creamy found Crackers squatting on her usual roof-top, reading a book titled ‘Clever Ways to Catch Butterflies’. He sat down beside her and put his question to her.
“Silly Creamy!'” squealed Crackers, “I have fast food everyday! Why, the mice and squirrels I eat run so very fast that I’m all out of breath by the time I manage to pounce on them! That’s why they’re called ‘fast food’. If you want to eat such ‘fast food’ too, you’ll have to zip around on your little paws as fast as you can, chasing silly mice and naughty squirrels, just as I do.’
Now, it so happened that Scotty, a bushy-tailed squirrel, and Mable, a little grey-nosed mouse, happened to pass by just then and overheard the two pussies mewing about ‘fast food’ and hunting mice and squirrels. You can imagine how frightened they were! They feared the pussies would pounce right then at them. Suddenly, they heard a great flapping of wings. It was Elly, the baby eagle, who had not long ago been chased by Crackers and had narrowly managed to escape.
“Don’t you worry,” said Elly, seeing how upset the two friends were. “I’ve a smart plan to get the kitties to change their awful ‘fast food’ habits. I’m going to set a KFFC””a Kitty Fast Food Corner, I mean””with special kitty delights made from healthy things like milk, bread, butter and cheese, so that cats won’t ever have to hunt for mice and squirrels again!”
“What a delightful idea!” chimed Scotty and Mable.
“Actually, kitties love cream and milk and such things, but of late they’ve begun to copy human folks, who stuff themselves with what they call ‘fast food’ these days. The silly cats think that just because humans eat such food, it must be good for them, too,” Elly went on. “To get them off their ‘fast food’ habits””fast-running squirrels and mice, I mean””we can offer the kitties a range of mouth-watering healthy snacks instead””such as Kitty Krunchies, and Kitty Krisps,” Elly said.
“And Kitty Koffee and Kitty Kustard, too!’ exclaimed Mable.
“And Kitty Kamburgers, Kitty Kamwiches, Kitty Kolas, Pussy Pizzas, and Pussy Pastries as well!” squeaked Scotty.
“And what about Meow Munchies for baby kitties?” beamed Mable excitedly.
“We’ll set up the KFFC under the chestnut tree where my nest stands. We’ll have a fine inauguration party next Sunday and invite all the kitties in Jim Jam to it,” beamed Elly.
“It won’t at all be difficult to run our restaurant,” Elly went on. “Crazy Cooper, the cow, will supply us with buckets of free milk. Holly, the hamster, will willingly churn the milk into butter””she just loves doing that sort of exercise. Benny, the butterfly, always wanted to be a baker, and so she’ll be only too pleased to make buns, biscuits, and bread for us all day.”
“And I”, said Wick-Wack, the woodpecker, who had just flown in and joined the conversation, “will rush right away to peck on all the trees where kitties live to tell them about the new eatery!”
When Sunday came, all roads in Jim Jam led to Elly’s chestnut tree. A lovely blue ribbon was tied around the door at the entrance of the KFFC. The first kitties to arrive were Creamy and Crackers, dressed in their Sunday best.
Crackers was the chief guest. Elly invited her to inaugurate the restaurant by cutting the ribbon. As Crackers did that, the crowd of cats burst into a deafening applause.
“Fellow kitties!” said Crackers excitedly, “with our very own KFFC in town, we won’t ever have to hunt for squirrels and mice for food again. We’ll still have fast food, of course, but now it’s going to be all the many delicious creamy and buttery dainties that Elly, Mable and Scotty have very cleverly conjured for us!”
The pussies excitedly clapped their paws again. Then, all the baby kitties lined up to fetch their special Kitty Koupons for a Kitty Kombo Meal of Meow Macaroni and Pussy Pudding and a cartoon movie for free!
Soon, the KFFC became so popular that many braches of it opened in other Kitty Kingdoms of the world.
If your kitty wants to order Kitty Kutlets or Pussy Pancakes or any other kitty fast food delicacy, hop over to the nearest KFFC outlet. They’ve even got free home delivery””by Hee Ho, the Hoopoe!