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Baobab Trees presents a very strange sight. Its trunk is usually very huge and looks bloated from whichever angle you look at it. It is most found in sub-Saharan dry grasslands of Africa. It could also been seen in central India, mainly in Maharashtra and Gujarat.
The tree stores huge amount of water in the thick, spongy matter of its stem. In the rainy season, it can take almost suck 140,000 litres of water. Elephants damage these trees for their water reserve. They scrape out the bark of the tree with their huge tusks and pull out the water-rich tissues of the stem and suck it dry. Sometimes its trunk gets hollowed out in the middle and could be almost as huge as a room. One such tree could be seen in the Golconda Fort complex near Hyderabad. Monkeys are very fond of fruits of Baobab tree.